Should I do a home inspection?

Mike M

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Sakina G

Keller Williams Realty River Cities III


I always recommend buyers do a home inspection. The home inspection is for your benefit. You do not want to purchase a money pit, unless it is a fixer upper handyman special. Doing a home inspection can unmask potential problems that may cost you money in the near future if you decide to purchase. You may also be able to negotiate with the seller some repairs to a property. Just like buying a used car, you want to have the property checked out by a licensed professional.
2 months ago
Lynne T

Intero Real Estate Services

I always ask the listing agent for copies of all available home inspection reports (property , termite, roof, foundation (if needed), etc.) and the seller's disclosures and questionnaire. They will likely show potential problems with the home. The seller's disclosures and questionnaires would show potential problems with freeway noise, etc. If the home inspection reports are not available from the listing agent, I strongly recommend buyers to conduct their own home inspections. I recommend and schedule the most reputable inspection companies for them.
2 months ago



I always recommend that a buyer do a home inspection or obtain a recent one that is provided by the seller. The sellers are suppose to provide other seller disclosures that could protentional highlight other issues that may not be noted in a home inspection After reviewing the home inspections and seller disclosures you may chose to do additional inspections to dig deeper into any issues that concern you.
1 month ago
Ryan D

The Real Estate Firm


Yes. EVEN if you are handy yourself. I recommend getting a pro to crawl into the crawl space and into the attic. They get paid to find everything wrong so you can make an informed decision. Agents can also request repairs based on the report given. Best money spent in a home purchase is the inspection.
1 month ago
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