About Us

FastExpert was founded in 2014 with the mission to help home buyers and sellers find, compare, and hire the real estate agent that best fits their needs.

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Our Philosophy

At FastExpert, we hold the belief that finding the right real estate agent should be a straightforward process that simplifies the home buying and selling journey. We understand that clear and accurate information is crucial for home sellers and buyers, and we’re committed to making that information easily accessible without any hassle.

Our Approach

Find agents on our open platform without the need
to share personal information upfront.

Unmatched Size and Scope

As the largest real estate platform, we offer the
most comprehensive information on real estate

Internal Messaging System

Only message the agents you’re interested in
working with.

Seamless Agent Hiring

On FastExpert’s platform, you can hire an agent
directly and easily track your progress.

Our Core Values

Always Learning

We are always working to learn and grow our knowledge base to be able to take on new challenges as they come.

Passion About What We Do

When a team has people who love and have a passion for what they do, it makes the company better and stronger.

Fast Execution

We value getting things done quickly and using the learnings to make improvements and find the best answer fast.


We don’t let titles dictate what someone is allowed to work on. We all work together to make things better.

Share Ideas

We bring everyone into the conversation because we know many areas of the company can benefit from one good idea.

Have Fun

We want work to be fun! If you don’t enjoy what you do you won’t do it well. Our team has fun every day and we love that.

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What We’re Proud Of

We’re Growing

FastExpert is ranked as the #134
fastest growing company in
America in 2018 according to
Inc. 500.

We’re Bootstrapped

We are a small team of about
40 people and we solve
problems using internal

We’re Profitable

We have been profitable since
our second year in business
and never had to raise money
from outside investors.