6 Essential Tips for Selling Your Home

If you’ve decided to sell your home you know the decision can come with a lot of questions and potential projects. We’ve put together a list of the top 6 home selling tips necessary to get the most out of the process. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t worry, we do. And we’re here to help.

1. Find a good Real Estate Agent who knows your area

Having the right help matters. Find an agent who has sales in your neighborhood or zip code and one who understands your needs. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), sellers who used a real estate agent sold their homes for an average 22% more than those selling on their own.

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2. Repair damage and fix issues

When small areas of a house are in disrepair it tells potential buyers that the home may not have been taken care of. Spending time fixing the small things and ensuring everything is in working order can go a long way in showing buyers that your home has been cared for and is ready for new occupants.

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3. Declutter, depersonalize and clean your house

Homes that are clean, decluttered and without personal items everywhere tend to sell much better than the opposite. Cleaning removes distractions and gives the house a chance to shine. Depersonalizing your space allows buyers to easily envision themselves living there. Taking time to make your house look nice can really pay off when you start taking offers.

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4. Stage your home and have high quality pictures taken

A big mistake that homeowners make is using bad pictures to market their home. According to the NAR, in 2021 95% or buyers used online tools to search for a home. When buyers see bad quality pictures that don’t show off the home well they get easily turned off.

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5. Make your home available and keep it ready to be shown

Depending on the current market you may get a lot of interest or you may get just a few requests for showings. Either way, making your home available to all buyers who want to see it will increase your chances of a sale. Keeping it in tip top shape will also work in your favor with impressing potential buyers.

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6. Remember your priorities when considering offers

Whether you are looking for a quick sale, a high profit, a long rent-back or someone to love your home as much as you did, it’s important to remember your priorities when you consider offers. The best offer for your house is one that fits with what is most important to you.

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