Fact Sheet

Discover the facts about our company

FastExpert’s mission is to build a platform for clients to connect with real estate agents. Creating an open platform where communication between clients and agents is transparent and frictionless.

Our Achievements in Real Estate

Our Partners

We have the largest network of real estate agents with over 70,000 members.

Clients Served

We helped over 500,000 clients find a real estate agent.

Market Reach

With our partnered agents, we put over $10 Billion of property listings on the market.

Our Platform Data

Our Platform Data

Sales Data

We analyze over 3 Million sales data submitted by our partner agents. Learn more

Total Reviews Analyzed

We aggregated over 1 million client reviews to use in our ranking algorithm.

Video Intros

We have over 3,000 video intros of our partnered agents.

Our Company Achievements

We’re Profitable

We have been profitable since our second year in business and never had to raise money from outside investors.

We’re Bootstrapped

We turn our vision into a viable business through resourcefulness, creativity, and perseverance.

We’re Growing

FastExpert was ranked as the 134th fastest-growing company in America in 2018 according to Inc. 500.

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