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  • Should I work with a part-time agent?

    Does an agent need to disclose if they are working part-time as a real estate agent? If the agent is working part-time, is that a red flag? Thanks.

  • What does a sellers market mean?

    What does a sellers market mean? Is it better for the seller?

    • Asked by Mark .
    • Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Tips & Advice
    • 2 weeks ago
  • Should I buy a house today and refinance later?

    I wanted to buy a house this spring, but I don't know if I should with the mortgage rates being so high. But is it better to buy a house now and then try to refinance later when the rates go down?

    • Asked by Matt .
    • Des Moines, IA
    • Home Loans
    • 1 month ago
  • Is the seller responsible for issues that they hid?

    We bought a house and within a day the inside of our kitchen drawers were covered in mouse droppings. We had an exterminator out and there's a serious mouse issue. We believe the seller was hiding this because the pullout garbage can was nailed shut. We thought this was weird, but didn't think anything of it until now. Can we make the seller pay for the extermination costs? It's so upsetting that our kitchen is unusable until this issue is cleared.

    • Asked by Hannah .
    • Newton, IA
    • Buying
    • 1 month ago
  • Do I have to pay for a stager to stage my house?

    Is it going to be worth the $5k to have my house professionally staged or can I just do it on my own? My furniture isn't too old and I can clean out the clutter. Will I make more than the $5k back if I do it?

    • Asked by Tamika S.
    • Des Moines, IA
    • Selling
    • 1 month ago