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How can I get the most money from selling my house?

Asked By Ronda N. | 541 views | Selling | 6 years ago
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Rick McAlister

R & C Realty Group LLC


If you were here locally, I could look at your house and tell you. Google your question, and you will find a variety of articles to assist you. Here are a few major recommendations:






Good Luck!

Rick McAlister 601-218-1150

R & C Realty Group LLC 

McComb , MS 

Holly Brink

EXP Realty, LLC



Where are you located? An experienced agent in your area should be able to give you more personalized advice on what to do to prepare your home for sale and the most effective list price. However, here are some common pointers:

1.) DeClutter your home. Buyers want to feel roomy not claustrophobic so it's important to keep countertops clear and empty out the pantries and closets as much as possible. If everything is stuffed to the Brin it sends a message that there isn't enough room in the houses. 

2.) DePersonalize the home. Take down all of your personal photos. If removing them from the wall be sure to patch and paint.

3.) Landscaping/ Curb Appeal. Make sure the landscaping is clean and inviting. The snow has been shoveled, the grass is trimmed, the weeds are gone. 

4.) Neutralize the home. If you have any bright colored or exceptionally dark walls it might be worth a few hundred dollars to Killz the wall and paint it a white or tan (a neutral) color.

5.) Get a home inspection before you list the home and fix as much as possible before listing the home. This will add more value to the home and will end up netting you more than if you wait for the buyer to find it. 

Honestly, everything boils down to price. You have to price the home right because if you overprice it, you will end up losing money in the long run. 

Good luck! 

Holly Brink, The Monique Walker Team

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Debbie & David Flannery Team Flannery

United Country Sauk Valley Realty


Doing a home inspection before listing will help you to remove a lot of what ifs about your home.......they can provide a lot of valuable information to you for under $300.  Also ask a friend to walk through your home and look for things that you do not notice....a scratch on the wall, a crack in the ceiling..etc...removing little issues helps lookers to not be so picky and miss other things....good luck


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Cyndi DePalermo

Red Diamond Realty


The right agent with good marketing plan, proffessional photos etc/The right price/ the right condition
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Hector Gastelum

The Gastelum Organization

Great question Ronda! Pay the highest commission. If you pay at least 3% to the buyer's agent and the other homes are paying 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, etc. I bet you will make up the difference by getting a higher offer. Capitalism works!
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Spirit Messingham

Tierra Antigua Realty


Hi Ronda, Interview local Realtors, look for one that specializes in your neighborhood. Anytime a person is looking to sell a commodity, put it on the open market for top dollar. Do not allow cash or institutional buyers buy your home off market for less than it is worth. Best of luck! Spirit
Melanie Gonzalez

1st Platinum Realty


Greetings Ronda! Did you get what you needed? Call me 310 292 7271
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Steven Hunt

Real Broker NY LLC


I would recommend reaching out to a real estate agent in your area. They will guide you on what to do to mximize the value and if certain renovations are worth doing. Reach out if you need contacts, 518-526-4964 Here is a video with some advice.
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Lindsey Stansbury

EXIT Real Estate Property Solutions


Hi Ronda, to net the greatest proceeds from the sale of your home you will want to connect with a local Realtor. I will be happy to assist you and can be reached at: [email protected]
Armid Metohu

Coldwell Banker Naples FL

Every house needs professional photography and full marketing plan. We know that’s not all your home would need. Also let’s make sure when buyers are waking in they notice the house feel, looks and smell fresh. Fresh paint and updating your some fixtures can go long way. Price will also reflect location and condition.
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Gloria Mitchell

Wilkinson Triad Realty


1. Hire a reputable and experienced real estate agent. This will help you get the best price for your house. 2. Make sure your house is in good condition and that repairs and upgrades are done prior to listing. 3. Thoroughly clean, stage, and photograph your home to create the best possible impression. 4. Price your house competitively. Research recent sales of comparable homes in your neighbourhood and price yours accordingly. 5. Promote your home with online ads, open houses, and other marketing strategies. 6. Follow up with prospective buyers and be willing to consider all offers.
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Sean Black

LUXE Properties

Listen carefully to your trusted realtor, He/she should only use a professional photographer and market the home everywhere possible. regular open houses and follow the market very carefully, adjust price as needed but NEVER start too high in a balanced market.

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