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Should I order a home inspection?

Asked By Mike M. | 296 views | Tips Advice | 1 year ago
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Cathy Wilson

Anstine Realty & Auction, LLC

Mike, yes, a home inspection is the best protection for you as a buyer so you know what you are purchasing. Even if you don't have the seller fix anything, you at a minimum know what the issues are in the house. Or you can use the home inspection for leverage with the seller.
Anna Palasz

Ania Real Estate and Property Management LLC

You should always order a home inspection unless You're absolutely set on a particular home and the only way for Your offer to be accepted is to waive it.. If You're financing, this may not even be an option. It is always better to seek inspectors Yourself rather than be referred by Agents, also ask them what areas they cover and how long they take. I have been to inspections that take 30 minutes and others that took 3 hours and would comfortably say that the 3 hour one was much better and more thorough. I would also check whether the home was a "flip". Feel free to reach out if You have any questions!
Rafay Qamar



Hi! inspection is a buyer's expense and normally takes place during the attorney review/due diligence period. Even though it is not mandatory, and we're seeing a lot of buyers waiving home inspection in this market, in my opinion it is EXTREMELY important to have a full understanding of the property youre planning on purchasing. The inspector will do a through inspection of the exterior, interior, roofing, appliances, plumbing, electric, etc. Based on the inspection, a buyer will decide if its a good idea to proceed with the sale, back out or request repair credits from the sellers. It's a good idea to have the report on you so you know what items to repair or focus on after the sale takes place. Hope this helps! if you have any other questions, I can be reached at 773-516-1111. I run a 25 broker team selling well over $150 million annually and do over 400+ transactions so extremely savvy when it comes to different scenarios. Good luck with your journey!
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Steven Hunt

Real Broker NY LLC


I recommend getting one done.
James Leonard

My Home Group Real Estate


Yes, you are making one of the largest purchases of your life. Hire a professional to come in and take a look at it. If there is a big problem, you should be able to back out. If it is a small problem you should be able to either overlook it or get the seller to fix it. Once you are out of your inspection period you are obligated to complete the transaction.

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