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Can I make an offer on a pending house?

Hi. There is a house I'm interested in that is listed as pending. Can i still contact the selling agent and try to get an offer in?
Asked By Juan P. | San Marcos, CA | 261 views | Buying | 8 months ago
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Jennifer Dolby

ReMAx Select Realty


Absolutely- always open the door for communication with fellow realtors.
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Mark Perrine

Green Pocket Realty


Yes- in Indiana we have a designated form called a Backup Offer that we use for that purpose.
Cary King

Realty One Group


Because the listing is pending, I suggest you have your Realtor contact the listing agent to see if they would accept a backup offer. Offers can still fall through prior to close. Good luck!
Jacob Worley

Worley Real Estate Inc


Definitely, in this market there are many reasons why a transaction may not close. Submitting a back up offer will put you in a good position if the transaction falls out of escrow.
Rochelle Chacon

Keller Williams Realty


Hello Juan, If the home is in pending status, that typically means that the buyer has removed contingencies to purchase the property. If you see a home in back up status, you may be able to write an offer and if the current buyer does not move forward with the purchase, you could have an opportunity to purchase the home. Buyers in CA have 17 days for inspections, 21 days to remove contingencies for any loans.
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Scott Carlson

BRIX Real Estate


Here in MN "pending" means that the home is towards the last stage in the cycle of being sold, the buyer is either finishing up their financing, getting their cash, etc. And the title companies are setting up the closing date. I would suggest having your realtor reach out and chat with the listing agent to see when the closing is scheduled and if they would entertain a backup offer at this point.
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Peter Testa

Nationwide Homes

I would ask the Listing Agent if they are accepting backup offers; see where they are at in the transaction.
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Joe Battersby

EXIT Assurance Realty


100%, a good amount of deals fall through. You want to get your offer in as a backup ASAP!
Edward Davis

Fathom Realty, LLC

In most instances you can make an offer; some may take Backup offers just in case the primary offer fall through. Have your Realtor reach out to the Listing Agent to see what their take is on Back-up Offers.
Steve Meyers

eXp Realty of California, Inc.


Yes, you can make a backup offer on the home should the buyer who has it currently under contract decides to back out
Andre Patatanyan

truline realty


I would advice you to work with a buyers agent if possible to get an offer in. It is important as a buyer to have your own representation and not fall into working with the sellers agent which is as you said working with the seller. Also, the agent will be able to better assist you because he will be able to get more information about what stage the current buyer is and understand if there is a chance if you submit.
John Farr

Reliant Realty ERA Powered


If they are taking backup offers, then yes.
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Glenda X Bozett

Homeology Realty


Because the listing is pending, I suggest you have your Realtor contact the listing agent to see if they would accept a backup offer. Offers can still fall through prior to close.
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Michael Bridges

EXP Realty California INC.

While the seller is bound to the offer they accepted, you can always put in a back up offer just in-case the current offer falls out for some reason.

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