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  • $5M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 15 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $399.8K Average Price Point
Ceejay Cesiel Top real estate agent in Phoenix

482. Ceejay Cesiel

Location Phoenix, AZ

new_crd_time Experience: 10 Years

29 sales in Phoenix, AZ in the last 3 years

No Reviews Yet
  • $12M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 29 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $372.3K Average Price Point


  • $31.6M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 19 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $222K Average Price Point
  • $4.3M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 24 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $384.8K Average Price Point
  • $8M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 14 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $551.7K Average Price Point
  • N/A Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 26 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $596.6K Average Price Point


  • $1.3M Total Sales
    Last Year
  • 6 Recent
    Transactions infoTransactions from the
    last 3 years
  • $872.3K Average Price Point

Resources to pick the best agent in Arizona

Arizona Real Estate Agents

We analyze thousands of Arizona real estate agents to help you find the best one to fit your needs. We use data to rank 54070 top real estate agents in the state of Arizona based on client reviews, sales history, and performance.

You can be confident that you are getting the best realtor in your area in 2024. Search, compare, and hire easily with our ranked list of top agents. Message directly through our site and start working with a top real estate agent today.

Real Estate Trends in Arizona

Arizona Housing Statistics (May 2024)

Active Listings

Change since last month



Median Days on Market

Change since last month

58 days


Median Listing Price

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Median Sales Price

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New Listings

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% of Listings That Increased Price

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Price/Sq Foot

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2023 - 2024 Arizona Median Listing Price

The Median Listing Price is the middle price that homeowners listed their properties at in a time period. This means half the homes were listed above this price and half were listed below.

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Benefits of Working with a Top Real Estate Agent in Arizona

4 Top Benefits of Working with a Top Real Estate Agent in Arizona

It can be tempting to try to buy or sell your home yourself but working with a realtor can save you time and money, here is how:

  • It’s their job and they are good at it. They have resources you don’t have because they are in the industry.
  • They know the real estate market in your area.
  • They are professional negotiators and know how to get you what you want.
  • They do the paperwork and know what needs to be done.

Comparing the Top Arizona Real Estate Agents

When deciding on a top Texas real estate agent, keep these important qualities of great real estate agents in mind.



A top real estate agent takes their job seriously and handles every situation with professionalism.



A top real estate agent is easy to reach and gets back to your questions when you need them.

Listens to you

Listens to you

A treat realtor is always looking out for their client and listening to what they want and think.



A professional real estate agent stays up-to-date with what is new and happening in the real estate market.

Spanish Speaking Agents in Arizona (Agentes inmobiliarios de hable hispana en Arizona)

Partner with a real estate agent that understands you. If Spanish is your first language, check out our list of Spanish speaking real estate agents in Arizona here.

Hablas español? Vea nuestros agentes hispanohablantes en Arizona aquí.

The Best Realtors in Arizona by Top Cities

No matter what Arizona city you live in, there’s a top realtor out there who will get you the best deal when it comes to buying or selling a home. Here we break it down by the best Arizona real estate agents in each city.

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Top Real Estate Agents in Arizona By City
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rank your top 25 real estate agents in Arizona?

FastExpert ranks its agents based on their number of successful sales, real customer reviews, and years active. We collect each real estate agent’s transaction history to provide the most accurate data in our directory of top agents. We like to use the data of the last three years of closed sales as a reference point, as it shows how well the agent is doing now - not 10 years ago.

We only show true and accurate data, and our agents cannot buy their way into a higher ranking. At FastExpert, you’ll always see the most accurate and up-to-date rankings with our top real estate agents.

How many real estate agents are in Arizona?

According to the Arizona Department of Real Estate as of May 2020, there are a total of 164,658 licensed real estate agents.

What is the typical realtor fee or commission in Arizona?

Total real estate agent fees (including seller and buyer’s agents) range from 4-6% of the total home sale price. This is a negotiable rate, so talk with your agent.

The commission is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. So if a home sells for $500,000 and the commission is 5%, the total fee is $25,000 with $12,500 for each agent.

The home seller usually pays for this fee, but it can be put on the buyer depending on what both sides agree on.

If an agent works with a brokerage, those fees come out of Fees for the agent’s commission. Brokerages can take 10-40% of an agent’s commission, depending on experience level. As a seller or buyer, you probably don’t have to worry about this, as it is included in the agent fee.

What do real estate agents in Arizona do for their commission?

Arizona real estate agents do much more than just put a sign in front of your house. A good Realtor will work with you from the moment you decide to sell your home to after you hand over the key.

This includes things like working with appraisers to set the right listing price, staging, having pictures taken, preparing the listing, online marketing, open houses, working with individual showings, answering questions, negotiating, closing paperwork, and so much more!

If you don’t think hiring a real estate agent is worth the money, think about this - according to the National Association of Realtors, in 2021 the average home sold FSBO (for sale by owner) sold for 32% less than the average home sold with a Realtor.

Who pays realtor fees in Arizona?

The seller commonly pays the realtor fee. But this is negotiated and decided in the final agreement. Be sure to discuss this with your agent before you decide to work with them.

How do I know if an agent is licensed in AZ and a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors)?

If you want to see if a real estate agent is licensed in AZ you can visit the AZ Department of Real Estate website and look them up by name. This will give you their license number, type, and the cities they are active. If you want to see if a specific agent is a member of The National Association of Realtors, you can search for agents and brokers through the National Association of Realtors website.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to sell your home, we have you covered. Choosing a real estate agent in Arizona can seem overwhelming, especially with so many agents in Arizona who would love to work with you.

FastExpert makes it simple.

With the world’s largest database of real estate agents in Arizona, you can view agent profiles, including Arizona home listings, read verified client reviews, and easily message your perfect Realtor.

When your money and your memories are involved, you need a partner you trust by your side. With a FastExpert real estate agent, you can have confidence that you’ll get the best service in all of Arizona.

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