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How should I prepare my house before selling it?

Asked By Mike M. | 361 views | Selling | 1 year ago
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Justin Bonney

Keller Williams Realty Santa Monica


Hey there Mike, It is always best to declutter the home and tidy things up for photos. If the place is worn, a fresh coat of paint is the best ROI along with some curb appeal clean up.
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Alfred Galvan

eXp Realty of California, Inc.


Hello Mike, the answer is YES, contact me I can explain better over the phone - Alfred
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Dave Van Nus

We Know Portland | Integrity Homes Team | HotSpots Real Estate


Mike, your question opens up many questions like, how fast do you want to sell? How much do you have to invest in your home? Are you occupying the property or is it tenant occupied or vacant? What is the exit strategy or do you need to transition to another home? To answer your question I would find and hire a competent Real Estate Broker who isn't in a hurry to get a paycheck and who will work with you, your Lender/Financial Advisor, and anyone else involved to help you be proactive and communicate the plan effectively to help you make or save the most you can. When we meet sellers, we go over our 7 Step Selling System (www.7StepSelling and we include an option to get what we have coined our Integrity Home Report ( So, as you can see, your question is a loaded one and what I suggest is speaking with a Realtor who can explain their reasoning behind your mutually accepted plan. You want an honest realtor vs a yes realtor too. Look at reviews or let me help you find a realtor and I will make sure I interview them enough to trust they have the same Integrity that our team has. Wishing you the best either way.
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Jeannie Ricke-Finley

CENTURY 21 Arizona West

Neutral, Decluttered, Fresh Smelling and CLEAN, Curb Appeal, Best Return on Investment is Fresh Paint and Elbow Grease. Clean up the yard! Less is More!
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Steven Hunt

Real Broker NY LLC


I would recommend reaching out to a real estate agent to help you with finding out what needs to be done. If you need some contacts I can help you with that. 518-526-4964 Also, here is a video
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Lisa and Greg Harris

eXp Realty, LLC


I give my selling clients a list of items in general to do and then walk them through their personal needs at the time of the listing to give them specifics for their goals of getting their home sold for TOP DOLLAR! In general, things to do! Freshen up the landscaping and clean up the curb appeal. In doing that, you will most likely need a good pressure wash of the home, driveway, decks and the outside to give it a clean fresh look from the street and for the pictures! A DEEP CLEAN INSIDE! Organize what you have. Clean as much off the countertops as possible and put it away under the countertops and organize it! REMEMBER YOU ARE MOVING! so if you are not using it over the next 3 months, then pack it! Including the off-season clothes from your closet. Wie down baseboards, have the carpets cleaned! If walls need to be painted to give it a fresh look do this and go with a neutral color. Stage it in a manner that is appropriate for the home and market. THE BIGGEST TIP - LESS IS BETTER! The less you have out and on counters and on the walls the better! De-personalize! WE do not want buyers to stop and look at family pictures, we want them to see the home as their home. So this is just the start of the basics. I would give specifics once walking through the home at an appointment.
Duke Padilla

West USA Realty


A quick and easy way to make that decision is to look at some model homes. Either on line or just go to the builders model homes. The builders typically hire professional to do their staging. This way you can get a visual of what it is supposed to look like.
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Dawn Zurick

Vylla Home Realty


Hi Mike, The best thing is to have your agent come in and look at your home and they can tell you what you might of missed. We all know to have a home look nice, clean and decluttered but there are some items we miss like wiping down the walls where the dog has his favorite place to lay. The light switches, door knobs and kitchen cabinets. Curb appeal is nice too so make sure the garbage cans are in the garage and no peeling paint and recently power wash the siding. Make sure the screens are not in disrepair and the lights by the front door and garage are clean and in working condition

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