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Are listing photos included with the agents service?

Are listing photos included with the agent's service when we sell our home? Obviously someone has to pay for the photos. I'm just wondering if they're a separate line item that I pay for or if the agent pays for them.
Asked By Bethany | Austin, TX | 55 views | Selling | 3 weeks ago
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Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


Depends on the agent you use. Some include them others do not. Some say a lower commission amount but make you pay for the extras. So be sure to ask your realtor all these questions upfront.
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Jennifer Schill

Keller Williams Brazos West


There are listing photos and then there are professionally photographed listing photos. Each agent is different, and you should ask each agent you interview about their marketing plan, specifically the listing photos.
Lisa Bolanos, JD

Elevate Realty


That’s a great question given the national Association of realtors settlement on Friday. It has traditionally been included with the commission. I personally always provide listing photos from my clients.
Becki Ashby

RE/MAX Purpose Driven


Agents may have different packages (for example- silver, gold, platinum, etc.) with varying commission rates based on the services included. I would consider professional (or professional-quality) photographs to be part of the marketing services that an agent should provide.
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Kari Newton

Parker Properties


Hello Carlos! Every agent is different on what is included in their listing presentation to a seller but I would say that most likely cover the cost of photos. I know I do because I want good quality photos, they are the single most important item to properly marketing a property.
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Nicki Headen

eXp Realty


Yes! I always will pay for professional photos for my listings and do NOT ask my sellers for reimbursement as it is part of the services provided on the listing.

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