Top Realtors to Hire in Harrington Park, NJ

If you live in Harrington Park, New Jersey, I think you’ll find this list of top Harrington Park real estate agents incredibly helpful! We have analyzed the number of sales, the time spent on the market, and the sale percentage for each real estate agent and ranked them based on their performance.

Without further ado, Here’s a breakdown of the best local real estate agents in Harrington Park, New Jersey! Read Less

How to Choose a Top Real Estate Agent

FastExpert provides all of the following on our Real Esate Agent profiles. When browsing through the top Harrington Park Real estate agents, you’ll need to consider these important traits before maiking a final decision. Here we’ve broken down what to search for and why each is so important.

Top Real Estate Agents Picks For Buyers

Here are the top traits to look for when picking an agent to help you buy a property.

  1. Trustworthy - The best buyer agents are in your corner, they will always keep your best interests in mind.
  2. Great Communicator - available for questions & will keep you in the loop
  3. Master Negotiator - In such a competitive market you need an agent who will negotiate your price and terms so that it sets you apart from your competition while not overpaying.

Top Buyer's Agents in Harrington Park, NJ

  • 814 Homes Sold Recently
  • $143M Last Year Sales
  • $628.5K Average Price Point
  • 14 Years of Experience
  • $15M Last Year Sales
  • $0 Average Price Point
  • 28 Years of Experience
  • 15 Homes Sold Recently
  • $54M Last Year Sales
  • $667.9K Average Price Point
  • 15 Years of Experience

Current Real Estate Market in Harrington Park, NJ (2021)

2021 Harrington Park Median Listing Price

The Median Listing Price is the middle price that homeowners listed their properties at in a time period. This means half the homes were listed above this price and half were listed below.

Harrington Park Housing Statistics (September 2021)

Active Listings

Change since last month

Good time to sell.



Median Days on Market

Change since last month

Homes are selling quickly.

49 days


Median Listing Price

Change since last month

More opportunities for buyers.



Median Sales Price

Change since last month

Buy homes for less.


New Listings

Change since last month

More Options for Buyers.



% of Listings That Increased Price

Change since last month

Great buyer’s market.



Price/Sq Foot

Change since last month

Buyers are getting more for less




Benefits of Working with a Top Real Estate Agent in Harrington Park

Why should you work with a real estate agent in Incline Village? Working with a real estate agent, whether it’s for Home buyers or Home sellers is a smart move.

Attempting to buy or sell a home without professional help takes more time out of your schedule, and creates more headaches.

Real estate agents are highly skilled in their trade, and are excellent negotiators. They work as the middleman between you and your potential buyers or the person you’re buying from.

A top real estate agent does the hard work for you. Making phone calls between interested parties, helping with marketing your home, handling legal documents, and negotiating the best deal for you!

Right now, the Incline Village real estate market is thriving! Whether you’ve been looking to buy a house, or have been itching to sell, there are top real estate agents in your area that are trained to help you reach your buying or selling goals.

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Comparing the Top Harrington Park Real Estate Agents

When browsing through the top Harrington Park real estate agents, you’ll need to know what makes a great real estate agent before making a decision. Here we’ve listed out the qualities that make a great agent to help you narrow it down!

Professionalism: A top real estate agent takes themselves seriously, and handles every situation with professionalism. A professional real estate agent has a marketable brand, and plenty of online presence.

Communication: A top real estate agent is your go-to for any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to the purchase or sale of your home. They are easy to reach, whether it be via text or phone call.

Personable: A real estate agent is always personable with their clients. They take the time to understand their goals, assuage any concerns, and get to know them better.

Up to Date on Market Trends: A professional real estate agent doesn’t live in the dark ages. They’re constantly up to date on the ever changing real estate market.

Home Buyers and Home Sellers need not worry about finding an agent in Harrington Park, MA. At FastExpert, we take the time to separate the professionals from the agents you should avoid.

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Harrington park, NJ Statistics

  • City Area 11.1 Sq. miles
  • City Population 57,489
  • Household 19,521
  • Homeowners 11,742
  • Renters 7,781
  • Home Occpied 60%

What is the Population of Harrington park, NJ?

population icon

Harrington park, NJ has an average population of 4.8K people, resulting in an increase since 2018 with an average of 4.8K people. with the average citizen aged at 44.7 years old.

Average Household Income

Harrington park $134,688
National Average $62,843

The median age in Harrington park, NJ is 44.7 years old with an average household income of $134,688.

Average Property Value

Harrington park $601,200
National Average $217,500

The average property value in Harrington park, NJ is $601,200, with a homeownership rate of 93.1%. Compared to the national average which is 63.9%.

Source: US Census Bureau July 2019

New Jersey Schools

Rank 19 Overall
3 in College Readiness
2 in High School Graduation Rate

New Jersey Tax Rates

Rank 51 Overall
Effective Real Estate Tax Rate 2.49%

New Jersey Healthcare

Rank 4 Overall
8 in Healthcare Access
11 in Healthcare Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a top real estate agent?

The designation of top real estate agent is only given to those agents who fall into the top 5% of home sales producers in their region. This means that our agents know the market they work in and are skilled at closing transactions. We ensure that the agents we send or recommend to you are the best. See the top agents by state here.

Why does choosing the right real estate agent in Harrington Park matter?

Looking for the right real estate agent? Whether you are selling or buying, you want an agent that really knows Harrington Park and what it takes to close a deal. We ensure that all of our top real estate agents are experts in their area and have the track record to prove it. You have priorities and an agent should understand them and work hard to meet your goals; that is the best way to ensure you have the best experience and come out happy with the process and result.

How do I know FastExpert has the best real estate agents in Harrington Park?

Our agent directory is opt-in, this means that real estate agents choose to join. Once an agent signs up, we check transaction history and reviews to determine if they qualify as a top real estate agent. At the same time our team is constantly working on recruiting agents in areas where we don't have a top performer. We've already done the research so you can be confident our recommended agents are the best in Harrington Park.

When should I start looking for a real estate agent?

Right now the market is hot in Harrington Park, so we recommend messaging an agent now, if you are ready. In more typical times, Harrington Park tends to see the market pick up in the spring, so home listed in early March tends to get attention and go faster then those listed later in the year.

Keep in mind that you may wish to make updates or changes to your home before listing which can take some time. It's always good to get an agent's perspective on this as putting money in does not always equal getting more money for the home. Talking to a real estate agent a few months before you hope to list can be enormously helpful.

How can I use FastExpert to find the top real estate agent in Harrington Park?

There are two ways to use FastExpert to find the right real estate agent for you. You can let our team of experts find you the best match by answering a few questions about what you are looking for. They will send you a list of the agents that best fit your needs and you decide from there. Or you can browse our entire agent directory, read reviews, see transactions history and message an agent directly. It's up to you!