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What's the benefit of a pocket listing?

I have a friend that did a pocket listing and it seems like a good idea. What is a pocket listing? What's the benefit of a pocket listing? And is it better than just listing the house?
Asked By Lucas . | Portland, OR | 48 views | Selling | 3 weeks ago
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Josephine & Raj Sharma

Legacy Homes Realty


A pocket listing refers to a real estate listing where a property is not publicly advertised on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other public listing platforms. Instead, the property is marketed privately within a network of real estate agents, potential buyers, and sometimes a select group of individuals. The benefits of a pocket listing can vary depending on the situation, Pocket listings can be beneficial for sellers who want to minimize disruptions to their daily lives, as they may only have to deal with a smaller pool of serious buyers.
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Carol Syler

Premier South


A pocket listing is not advertised publicly (ie: MLS, Zillow,, etc.), it is only advertised and available within the brokerage firm you have your listing agreement with. It is good for someone not wanting the general public to know they are selling, or for a home not quite ready to be available to the general public but allows a buyer within that firm the ability to look at the home. It limits your exposure.
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Firstly, the primary benefits of a pocket listing are a level of privacy and exclusivity for sellers who may not want to publicize their property sale, as well as the potential for faster, more discreet transactions. Secondly, the drawback of a pocket listing can include limited exposure to potential buyers that can result in a lower selling price. You will need to weigh the options for your particular situation.

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