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Manufactured home sales, experts?

I need a real estate agent that’s good at selling senior manufactured homes that the land is rented on? Thank you kindly.
Asked By Eric R. | Salem, OR | 315 views | Selling | 1 year ago
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Gloria Mitchell

Wilkinson Triad Realty


1. Professional Manufactured Home Dealers Association (PMHDA): The Professional Manufactured Home Dealers Association offers connections to experienced manufactured home dealers and provides resources and information to help consumers make informed decisions about their purchase. 2. Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI): The Manufactured Housing Institute provides research, advocacy and educational resources to assist in the purchasing, financing and insurance of manufactured homes. 3. National Center for Manufactured Housing Education and Research: The National Center for Manufactured Housing Education and Research offers a range of resources for consumers, including information about financing and home buying options for manufactured homes, as well as research about trends and market conditions in the industry.
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Jennifer Davidheiser

The Real Estate Professionals, Inc.


Hi Eric. I am in a different state but I may be able to help. What is your question?
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Jeanine Wood

Allison James Estate And Homes


Eric, our brokerage has an office there that should be able to help you. If you want to reach out to me.

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