Do New Windows Increase Home Value?


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If you are preparing to sell your home, you might have a list of repairs and renovations to complete. Making these upgrades can increase the desirability of your property and potentially speed up the home sale. At the very least, making repairs before selling your home can prevent delays in closing because the buyer won’t find major issues during the home inspection. 

One common renovation that sellers ask about is replacing windows in the home. Replacing windows can be expensive, which is why homeowners want to know if this upgrade is worth it.

How much do new windows increase home value? Use this guide to learn about the benefits of window replacement and the cost to determine whether this project is right for you.

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows

Unless your old windows are broken, you might not realize that they need to be replaced. However, your windows directly correlate to your energy bills, and different window styles can protect you from various weather and crime threats.

Here are a few signs that it’s time to remove your existing windows and replace them with upgraded models.

  • You feel drafts. Stand near your windows and notice how much heat from the sun travels through. Feel for drafts or leaks on both the inside and outside of your home. 
  • They are difficult to open and close. Making your windows operable can increase their enjoyment for you and benefit the next homeowner. 
  • They look worn. Look closely at your windows to see if they are cloudy, chipping, stained, or simply aging. Also, check the window framing to make sure it’s not moldy or wearing out.
  • You hear a lot of outdoor noise. You don’t have to hear every car that drives by. New windows can block out noise better than older ones. 

For another clue that you need new windows, check your energy bills. see if they have increased year-over-year even if your rates have remained the same. Windows have a direct impact on energy efficiency, and your old windows might be letting out your climate-controlled air.

There are many causes of drafts and higher electricity costs, but your windows are a bigger culprit than you might think.

Cost of Adding New Windows

The first thing to consider when evaluating whether you should replace your windows is the cost. If you are looking to complete this project affordably, you can expect to spend about $200 per window.

However, if you need to install storm windows or sliding windows then you can expect to pay more on a per-window basis. This project can cost more than $1,500 per window on the high end.

Count the windows in your home and identify which ones need to be replaced. Most homeowners usually replace all their windows at once to get this project over with. However, if you are preparing to list your home, you might only want to replace a handful of windows in bad shape.

Know that your region will influence window replacement costs. Some parts of the country have higher labor costs, and materials are more expensive. There are also regions where windows have stricter regulations to survive storms.

Florida, for example, has building codes for coastal homes. New windows in these homes need to be impact-resistant to withstand a hurricane. You might have to pay for more expensive windows to meet the building codes in your area.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of Adding New Windows

Experts estimate that you can get an 85% return on investment for installing new windows in your home. The new windows will increase your property values and can help your house sell faster. Using Florida’s storm windows as an example, if a buyer knows they’ll be protected in a hurricane, they are more likely to make an offer on the house. 

Along with the direct benefits of installing new windows, as you prepare to sell your home, there are indirect benefits that you and future homeowners can enjoy.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to prioritize window replacement on your list of home improvement projects.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most valuable reasons to invest in new windows is the increased energy efficiency. The Department of Energy estimates that windows cause between 20% to 30% of heat or air conditioning loss in a home.

During the cold winter months, warm air produced by your heater seeps outside, leaving you feeling cold in the house. In the summer, the sun warms your house through the windows, causing your air conditioning system to work harder. 

New windows can increase your energy efficiency by releasing less climate-controlled air. These windows can also block the outside air better, so you feel more comfortable inside without relying on your HVAC system.  

This increased energy efficiency can have a direct impact on your monthly bills. Experts estimate that heating and cooling costs can make up at least half of your electric bill. During periods of extreme temperatures, like the hot summer months, your HVAC costs can make up an even higher percentage of your utility bills.

Energy-efficient windows can take pressure off your HVAC system and lower your energy costs. This further increases the ROI of this project because you save money in the long run.

Noise Reduction

Most homeowners don’t realize how much climate-controlled air they lose through their windows and how much the sun heats their homes in the warmer months. Similarly, they might not realize how much noise travels through their home because of old and worn-out windows.

Replacing windows with newer models that incorporate noise-reduction technology can make your home quieter and more enjoyable to relax in. 

Step outside your home and consider the ambient noise in your area. You might hear cars passing on a nearby road and airplanes traveling overhead. Then, step inside and evaluate how much noise makes it into your house. If you live near a busy highway, your replacement windows might have a higher ROI because buyers will know that the noise from the road won’t travel inside. 

High noise levels often deter buyers who want a quiet place to live. Your windows will assure them that as long as they’re indoors they can enjoy peace.

Curb Appeal

When buyers arrive to tour your house, they will evaluate the exterior before they step inside. Buyers often judge a property’s curb appeal by evaluating whether the driveway has been pressure washed, if the landscaping is neat, and whether the windows are in good condition.

If you have older windows that look worn, your buyers might think the house is worn. They might devalue the property before they ever walk through the front door.

In the worst-case scenario, your buyers might look at your old windows and wonder whether the house has mold, termites, or structural damage. They might see the damaged framing and wonder if there are other issues in the house. 

New windows can create a positive first impression and assure buyers that the house is in good condition. Even before a home inspection, your buyers can believe that the house is a good investment that they want to make an offer on.

Enhanced Security

You might be surprised by how far window technology has come in the past few years. not only are modern windows designed to block heat from the sun while keeping climate-controlled air indoors, but many also have enhanced security measures that keep your family safe.

You can install new windows that have secure locks, tempered glass, and even smart technology that syncs with your security system. You can receive alerts anytime a window is unexpectedly opened. 

You don’t have to live in a high-crime area to benefit from this investment. Many families look for safety and security features when searching for homes. If you replace new windows with more secure ones, make sure your real estate agent knows so they can point out this valuable feature to potential buyers.

Storm Protection

This article lightly touched on the benefit of storm windows in hurricane-prone states like Florida, but many regions of the United States can benefit from homeowners investing in new windows.

Not only can updated replacement windows resist damage during the storm, which can lead to fewer homeowners insurance claims, but they can also protect the families and possessions inside. Durable windows can benefit families living in any place that gets severe storms, including parts of the country where tornadoes are common.

If your buyer is moving to your region from a different state, they might feel safer purchasing a house that has updated windows and other protective storm elements. They might not know how to survive a hurricane or make it through a tornado, but their house will be stable and there to protect them.

Talk to a Realtor About the Value of Replacing Windows

Investing in modern windows is potentially a high-value upgrade that you can make before selling your house. Energy-efficient windows can lower energy bills and reduce noise from outside. This can make your home more appealing to buyers, who are interested in saving money in the long run while relaxing in the peace of their homes. New windows can also make them feel more secure if they have built-in security features. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with your new window project, talk to a real estate agent. An experienced Realtor can tell you the best windows to choose and give you an idea of which windows need to be replaced in your home. They can also tell you whether window replacement will make a significant difference in the home sale process. You might live in an area where replacing windows doesn’t make as big of a difference to buyers. This is why local insight is always best. 

Check out FastExpert to find a real estate agent near you. You can read Realtor profiles and get to know the agents before you hire one. This can help you make the right choice for your home sale. Try FastExpert today and take the first steps to sell your home.

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