Is there a realtor fee for a first time buyer?

Danielle R.

Lansdale, PA

Im finally ready to buy my first house, after 51 years! I know nothing about how.
8 months ago | 240 views | Buying a home
Answers (8)
Karrie-Ann Versace

Coldwell Banker


There are no realtor fees for buyers all the realtor fees are paid for by the sellers. A good first step is to reach out to a good mortgage company and see what your buying power will be. Then you know exactly where you can start looking.
8 months ago
Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


Well...there is not, unless you want a buyer agency. All states are different. I live in Wisconsin and all agents do represent the sellers unless you have a buyer agency with them.
8 months ago
Joy Daniels

Joy Daniels Real Estate Group


Contact a seasoned agent preferably a buyer agent they will represent you!!! They should know of really good mortgage lenders, and programs that will benefit you and your buying process. Congratulations being ready and able to purchase a home!!
8 months ago
\"Realtor Rob\" Rob Cerveny

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services


the fee for the buyers agent time and experience is paid by the seller. You can certainly pay extra for good service.
7 months ago
Lindsey Stansbury

EXIT Real Estate Property Solutions


Congratulations Danielle! Whether you are looking for new construction or at re-sale homes, the seller pays the Real Estate Agent who assists you in finding a home. Have you connected with an Agent yet or would you like me to help you find someone great who specializes in your area?
7 months ago
Mason Bleasdell

Mark Martin and Co

To echo the others, no there are no realtor fees when buying. When you buy, the seller covers realtor costs to help offset how high some of the costs of buying can be for the buyer in obtaining a loan.
3 months ago