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What is an agent’s commission fee?

Asked By Mike M. | 344 views | Working With An Agent | 1 year ago
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Karen Funk

1st Choice Realty & Associates Inc


The seller agrees to pay a commission, usually a percentage of the final sales price, to the listing broker, who then agrees to pay a cooperating broker ( buyers agent) a percentage of their commission, spelled out in the listing agreement and on MLS. This fee is payment to the agents for representing either the seller or the buyer, and it's how we get paid when a house is sold, Like most everything else, the commission rate is negotiable at the time of listing, and is not a part of the purchase contract between seller and buyer and therefore not negotiated in the sale of the property.
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Hector Gastelum

The Gastelum Organization

I am a firm believer in Capitalism! Usually discount brokers who charge you 1% (0.5% to them/0.5% to the buyer's agent) will sell a home for less and will stay longer in the market as opposed to an agent like me who charges you 6% (3% for each agent) and I will make sure to get squeeze every possible dollar and then some from a buyer's agent who want to get paid more on my listing. You get what you pay for, but my system nets you more dollars at closing.
Anna Palasz

Ania Real Estate and Property Management LLC

Commission is always negotiable and every Realtor is bound by their Code of Ethics among other things to help You sell Your Home. A Realtor should be able to disclose and even sign off as to what they are going to do for their commission and do just that. If they don't, You have grounds to change Your Realtor. In this market and if the pricemar is right, most Realtors don't even have time to fully market the property as offers are submitted same day as listing. Feel free to reach out if You have any questions!
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Steven Hunt

Real Broker NY LLC


It varies. Mine is 6%. Many agents offer different amounts of service. I really care about my client and want to make as much money for them as possible. I go above and beyond when it comes to helping my client. I make sure they have professional photos, maximum exposure from MLS and some of my own marketing paid by me upfront, open house first weekend and much more. I recommend interviewing many agents and find out the pros and cons then choose one.

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