How long should you keep a house before selling?

Ella N.

Monroeville, PA

is two years too short?
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Amy Smith



Depends on what your goal and situation is. Are you selling because of life or location change? Are you selling because its not the right house? I am in Austin...if you bought here two years ago it was just starting to get a little crazy. You may do really well! If you bought AFTER the market started being insane you break even if you sold now. If you are needing to move for a job transfer or something you may break even and be ok. If you bought the house for an investment, it may give you the RIO you want. After commissions and capital gains you may be in the red. Talk with a local agent and ask them for a net sheet.
1 month ago
Tricia Kiddie

Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach


Hi Ella- This is entirely dependent on what your goal is for the sale. I strongly suggest connecting with a top agent in your area and review the financials of the purchase, the current home value, and your goal for a sale. Too many factors involved to get generic answers.
3 weeks ago
Heathergail Dedier

Century 21 Connect Realty

Hello Ella: I have to agree with my other associates, it all depends on your reason for selling. The one thing I will add is depending when your purchased your at the beginning of the crazy market you should do very well, however, with that being said you have to take into account on your capital gain taxes. Therefor selling will also depend on whether you are going to purchase another home within the timeframe and also who much money you make from the sale of your home.
1 week ago
Zakk Varughese

NextHome Realty Experience


You can avoid paying taxes on the profit if you keep the property for a minimum of two years unless you do a 1031 Exchange.
1 week ago
Tony Ayoub

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services


Hi, the minimum time to sell your property for a good time is 5 years so you build equity by time, 2 years is a short time depending on the market and economy .
6 days ago