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How do I get my house listed on the MLS?

Do I need an agent to get my house listed on the MLS or am I able to put my house on there myself? I am hoping to list my house next week and want to be sure people can find it online.
Asked By Paul K. | New Brunswick, NJ | 289 views | Selling | 1 year ago
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Glenda X Bozett



The MLS Multiple listing service is a tool/database Realtors use to market homes for sale. You would need to utilize a Realtors services in order to take advantage of the MLS service.
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Brian DiMaggio

Atlanta Communities


You will definitely want to reach out to a local agent
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Jamie Moreng

Move with Moreng @ eXp Realty LLC


Hi Paul. Great question. Yes, you will need a licensed real estate agent that belongs to your local MLS to expose your property to the most buyers online, as well as, other agents and their buyer’s through the MLS exposure. When an agent lists a property on the MLS, this typically will syndicate & blast your property l out to all the major sites like zillow, trulia, etc. I would hire the right agent who can explain the benefits of the MLS.
Jill Crofcheck

MDC Realty

The MLS Multiple listing service is a tool/database Realtors use to market homes for sale. You would need to utilize a Realtors services in order to take advantage of the MLS service.
Rich Kim



To get your house listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you will need to work with a real estate agent. The MLS is a database of properties for sale that is maintained by real estate professionals and is not accessible to the general public. When you work with an agent, they will list your property on the MLS, which will make it available to other agents and potential buyers. The agent will also typically handle the marketing and advertising of your property, as well as assist with negotiations, paperwork and closing. I would recommend working with a top real estate agent to ensure a smooth and successful sale of your home.
Edwin Ordubegian

Coldwell Banker Hallmark Realty


You need to reach out to a experienced local realtor that sold homes in your area not just any licensed agent. Selling is not just stick a sign in your lawn and MLS. Choose your listing agent very wisely.
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Brandon King

Brandon King Home Selling Team / EXP Realty


Why are you interested in the MLS? Of the top ways homes are sold, none are "MLS". Consider holding your own "Open House Event". BE SURE there are a lot of signs (12+) that include "For Sale By Owner" and direction arrow to your home. The benefit is you can have these signs up all the time because you live there. is the #1 website for home buyers and you can market your home there for Free! BE SURE to have professional photography done. You can run ads in your local paper, social media and so much more! Owners wanting to sell on their own typically means they want to save money on fees. Consider this - What if you could put more money in your pocket and pay the fees?! survey from October 2022 states "only 11% of sellers actually succeed at selling FSBO. And if they do? Those FSBO homes sell for about 26% less on average than agented properties, which often negates any savings!" Hope this helps. Keep in mind, good realtors will help sellers price the home attractively, provide a realistic sales price, negotiate and protect owners with proper paperwork.
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Michael Mizrahi

Weichert Realtors


The best way to have your house show up on the MLS (which in turn will make it show up on multiple websites such as Zillow and is to hire a realtor. Just like you go to the barber to cut your hair, same here. Use a professional and you will net more money on that sale.

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