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After I accepted an offer, can I accept a different offer?

I accepted the first offer I got for my home and only had one showing. There's a lot of interest in my home, and I'm wondering if I should continue to have showings. If I do get another, better offer, can I back out and take the better offer?
Asked By Ryann . | Palm Beach, FL | 36 views | Selling | 2 weeks ago
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Hi Ryann, you will want to refer back to the offer and read it thoroughly, talk with your agent representing you and even a real estate attorney to advise for your specific situation. Depending on your state and the contract you accepted, generally you can accept back up offers that would go in back up position. This means that if the the buyer defaults or backs out for any reason you are able to move the back up offer into first position and proceed with it. Generally in my area, it is not recommended that the seller back out for a better opportunity or they can be liable for actual damages to the buyer.
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Michael Hudson

eXp Realty

Depending on your state and that states Real Estate commission rules. I would check the state guidelines or consult an attorney for the best answer,

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