Home Inspections That Save Buyers Money

One can gain confidence that they are buying the right house at the best rates by hiring a professional real estate agent. But even before seeking this help, it is crucial to know some basic signs and tests to look in the house. This can help the home sellers in the US, and the home buyers in the US save money and avoid potential mistakes along the way.

A typical list of inspections carried out by a home inspector:

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This test is primarily crucial in houses that are more than 10 years old. It is better to know if there any faults with the pipe or the drainage before signing the contract. If left unattended in case of an issue, the pipes may erode, break and cause havoc to the drainage resulting in a hefty cost later. The inspector will refer to a sewer professional who will use specialized equipment to analyze for any breakdowns or internal damages visually.


If the home, which is being brought is too old, belonging to the 1970s, especially, there is a considerable possibility that the color may contain lead. Also, if the outer coater of the paint is new, the lead might be safely locked inside. Testing the paint and renovating it beforehand is a good option as lead can prove to be poisonous.

Oil Tank: 

The existence of the oil tank might be mentioned in the papers provided by the seller or the report by the inspector after going through the house. The laws for maintaining the oil tank may vary from state to state, but commonly, tests are conducted to see for any contamination or leakage. Ensure that the oil tank does not break the rules associated with the place and prevent the sale from happening.

Air conditioning: 

If the report by the inspector does contain any faults in the heating or the cooling system of the house, then a professional must be called to resolve it as soon as possible. The air ducts may be blocked, or there could be issues with the unit. If not look into then, the cost of repair exponentially increases afterward.


The roof is one of the costliest areas in the house to repair. The report by the inspector must contain all the details of the roof for any damages and the predicted longevity. It must typically include information about the materials of the roof, operations of drains, and any blockages in the gutter.

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Although Radon is not typically found in most of the homes, it is not a bad idea to still test for its presence. It is because that odorless gas is the second biggest cause of lung cancer. Do note that the test is easy to conduct and is inexpensive, the reports and deployment of the results can take up to 2 days. If there is a high amount of radon present, the sale does not cancel but might get postponed.


Foundation is essential for the stability of the home, and if there are any faults with it, it is typically costly to repair. A separate inspection must be done for the same if recommended by the inspector. The professional will be able to identify minor to major cracks. After the inspection and repair are done, a certificate must be issued.


If one spots even a faint presence of any crawling insect in the house, it is time to call a pest expert to remove them as early as possible. In the long run, they can get irritated and also spread diseases. Even after the occupation of the house, it is recommended to have a pest inspection conducted once a year.

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