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Which repairs should I perform after an inspection?

Our buyer wants a long list of repairs on the house we're selling. We feel that they're asking for too much and the repairs are unnecessary and picky. We also want the deal to go through. Do you have any advice on what repairs we should perform?
Asked By Matt . | Forest Park, IL | 41 views | Selling | 2 weeks ago
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Karen Mai

Keller Williams


Without knowing the list of repairs, it is hard to recommend. I would say take care of the health and safety repairs first. The inspector should mention which items you should address now and what items can repair later.
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Its generally a good idea to focus on any health and safely concerns first and foremost. Many times when a buyer puts together a list of requests they will plan for the seller not wanting to do some, though each case if unique. Once getting a quote on all items from someone qualified to do so often the cost can be less than expected. If thats not the case, then you will want to decide on what is reasonable to you to accept and let your agent know so they can have that discussion with the other party. Sometimes you can offer out a credit to the buyers so they can do it themselves as well.

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