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What can I get away with not fixing when I sell my home?

Asked By Candy I. | Haddonfield, NJ | 548 views | Finance Legal Info | 2 years ago
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11 Answers
Keith Watts

Watts Team Real Estate, Inc.


Depends on the market. If inventory is short, and you don't have much competition buyer expectations are low. If there is an oversupply of available homes relative to the available buyers you are going to need to fix anything making the home unattractive. Regardless of the market, people hate water stains, mold, mildew smells, broken windows, dirt, cracks in structures, and stains.
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11 Answers
Jeannie Ricke-Finley

CENTURY 21 Arizona West

In the current market in my area, buyers have low expectations as it is a sellers market. AKA There is a shortage of homes compared to the number of buyers. Low Inventory. I would strongly advise fixing safety issues. Most buyers hire a professional inspector. Sellers have options on what they will agree to fix. Keep Safety the Priority. Your buyers should be assured of at the minimum of a safe home.
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11 Answers
Jamie Moreng

Move with Moreng @ eXp Realty LLC


Yes you can get away with it, but the most important question is at what cost. You see, most buyers walking through your home will see these items as a “red flag” depending on how significant the repair is. If the repair is minor and cosmetic, it’s always best to fix this prior to putting your home on the market. If there is significant damage, then you may need to do an analysis of the after value repair. The risk in not fixing anything may limit your buyer pool to cash buyer and or investors, who typically will pay much less than your owner occupant buyer. Hope this helps.

eXp Realty


Technically you don't have to fix anything on your home. If you sell it "As is" and sell to an investor, then usually they'll just have an inspection to check the roof, ac, plumbing and water heater. It'll just effect your final sale price. If you want top dollar, then fix repairs prior to sale and the inspector may have a list as well. It's yours and it's up to you, but like anything else for sale, the way it looks will draw more or less $$. I can get you an agent here in FL as well in your area. Good luck! Have a great day!
Anna Palasz

Ania Real Estate and Property Management LLC

As Everyone here mentioned, if You get a cash buyer (no banks involved), the condition of the home may be reflected in its price, but You will be able to sell "as-is". Homes that need repairs, even just cosmetic, usually stay on the market longer as nowadays it is either flippers that buy houses under market value or Owner Occupants who want move-in condition and do not care to do upgrades... So it is really Your choice to determine if the repairs are worth Your time and money or not.
James Parker - Realtor

Vylla Home (US), LLC

Haddonfield is a VALUE focused Market. Best to go Above and Beyond and Compile an Inspiring List of Capital Improvements and Upgrades!

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