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Can the new owner of the rental property I live in kick me out?

The rental property that I'm living in now was sold to a new owner. The new owner wants to kick me out, remodel the unit, and re-rent the unit for a higher price. Is that legal?

Asked By Mario Z. | Los Angeles, CA | 331 views | Finance Legal Info | 1 year ago
Answers (3)
Nancy Call

REMAX Executive


Good Morning, Lots of questions on this scenario. Did you have a lease with the prior owner? Was the lease transferred to the new owner? Have you signed a new lease with the new owner? How long have you lived in the property? You need to review your lease and have a nice talk with the new owner. There is a website for renters and their rights. I would educate myself. Yes its very legal
1 year ago
Qubie Vazquez

Coldwell Banker Residential


The short answer is yes but are certain legal protections that renters have. Your lease is your first line of protection. Depending on the type of property, its age and local laws you may have additional protections.
1 year ago
Melanie Gonzalez

1st Platinum Realty


Greetings Mario, Did you get the answers you needed? Call me 310 292 7271
1 year ago