My question is about FSBO?

Abimael A.

Wilmington, DE

hi my name is Abi, and I am from Wilmington Delaware, my question is.. if I sale my house FSBO and I still owe on this house, can I make profit? now, keep in mind that I already have a buyer. also, if I’m selling for $220,000 and I still owe $120,000 what coctel be my profit on a FSBO???
7 months ago | 363 views | selling a home
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Danny Torres

Empire Team at Compass


Hey Abi, it all depends if you are going to pay a buyers agent and closing cost. I can send you a net sheet which will give you a break down on closing cost and other fees. I am licensed in FL, so I am not sure how they handle it in Delaware, but I can speak to one of my partners and get some answers for you if you like. How’s that sound?
7 months ago
Lindsey Stansbury

EXIT Real Estate Property Solutions


Hi Abi, statistically speaking, if you sell by owner you net less than if you hire a licensed Realtor, due to the vast marketing strategies utilized by Realtors. That being said, you can contact a local Title Company and give them the details and they will provide you with a net sheet. If you would like assistance connecting with a Title Company I can be reached at: [email protected]
7 months ago
Christopher Williams

Simply Vegas


Hi Abimael, If you are FSBO you would use a local title company to help assist you with the sale and they can provide you with an estimated settlement statement to give you an idea of how much you will net. If you do decide to work with a Realtor, they can also provide you with net sheet, they will make sure all the necessary paperwork and disclosures get done and you will usually net more due to their marketing strategies to get you the most money possible far outweighing the commission you pay.
6 months ago