Is Zillow offers a good deal?

Jamila S.

Imperial, MO

Is zillow offers good or bad idea
1 month ago | 108 views | selling a home
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Ryan J Rogers



1 month ago
Marie Drew

NextHome Local Expert


Jamila - it depends on your situation. Working with a hard working agent can result in you getting top dollar for you home. Having someone with boots on the ground is important!
1 month ago
Allyson Venglik

Solid Source Realty


Zillow offers is no more. They lost a ton of money and they closed up that side of Zillow. There are others like them, but you leave so much money on the table. A good agent can help you make so much more without all the hidden fees.
1 month ago
christopher scialpa

Easy Home Sales LLC


no, a good agent can help you see and not have you leave all that money on the table with true comps. also no hidden fees .
1 month ago