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Is it okay for my buyers to have their mail sent to me?

The buyers of my home have already started getting mail. I'm assuming they forwarded it but they don't own our house yet. What can I do about it? We still have another 6 weeks.
Asked By Tanner . | Raleigh, NC | 54 views | Selling | 1 month ago
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Scott Carlson

BRIX Real Estate


Hi Tanner, That is a little early for their mail to be coming to your home with the closing being 6 weeks away. I would suggest you tell your listing agent about it. He/She should pass along that information to the buyers agent, there could be some important mail in there the buyers would want before 6 weeks goes by.
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Jim Crawford

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


Sometimes that is things like homeowners insurance, etc... The buyer will be getting quotes from companies for things that they will need at settlement and unfortunately those companies get a bit too eager and start to mail to the new address. I usually recommend letting your realtor know and he/she will communicate with the buyers agent to make sure there is no confusion.

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