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Is it better to list a house for a higher price?

We've interviewed a few real estate agents. They've given similar ranges for the value of our condo. Is it better to list at the top end to try to maximize what we get from the sale?
Asked By Jake . | Nashville, TN | 59 views | Selling | 2 weeks ago
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Karen Mai

Keller Williams


In San Francisco market, it is better to list a property at a low end to maximize the sale price. When you we priced a property below market value, we will get more buyers coming to see at the property. Without buyers coming to see the property, it will hard to maximize the price.
Shoshana Hill

Luxe Properties


Pricing the home at market value or slightly below will create a bidding war. This is dependent on your market.
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Jim Crawford

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


Every market is different but pricing the home based on the current market conditions and comparables is the best way to get maximum exposure which in most cases leads to multiple offers which then of course leads to the highest price.
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Generally pricing higher means less exposure, less buyers and less money in the end. The more competitive you price it the better the end result in most cases. When pricing it high, most buyers wont look at a home thats prices higher than others comparable homes. If they do view the home, they are comparing yours to others that have more features and amenities. You will be helping your competition sell.

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