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How much of the selling price do I get?

After all the closing costs and commissions are taken out, on average how much of the selling price can I expect to get?
Asked By Brandon . | Reno, NV | 50 views | Selling | 2 weeks ago
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Jim Crawford

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


There are alot of factors that can change the answer to this question. A realtor can run for you the Sellers Estimated Closing Costs. This document will show all of the potential fees and also show you your estimated net proceeds.
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Hi Brandon, depending on state, county, mortgage pay off, other payoffs, realtor fee, or any other fees on the home sell this will vary accordingly. Last home I sold in the Reno area, last week, the seller received little over 93% of purchase price.

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