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Can I make the buyer pay all the closing costs?

How can I get my costs as low as possible on my home sale so I can make the biggest profit? Can I get the buyer to pay closing costs?
Asked By Greg M | Jerome, AZ | 282 views | Selling | 1 year ago
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Woodbridge Real Estate


Sure, but I would focus on your net proceeds and negotiating the purchase price to meet your goal for net proceeds.
Lisa and Greg Harris

eXp Realty, LLC


All of this depends on the market and the current situation. It is possible, however, it will depend on what the normal of market that we are facing at the time of listing and going under contract. There are a lot of factors that go into the listing process and it is really based on your personal situation. A great listing agent can personally walk you through the options to net the most money for your home. After all that is their area of expertise and knowledge to NET you the most money possible. I would recommend asking a professional listing agent in your market to review this for your home and market area to give you the best possible outcome.
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Scott Carlson

BRIX Real Estate


Yes, you can. The first thing I would do is make sure your home is in the best condition you can make it so you can maximize showings=offers, Then you want multiple offers to bring the offer price above the listing price. If the buyer is asking for closing costs those are figured into the final price, so that would make any offer with it weaker. Lastly, you always negotiate to maximize your profit.
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Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


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Stephanie Biello

Biello & Black Group

It is possible to negotiate with the buyer and ask that they cover part or all of your closing costs. However, since it will add to the overall cost of their transaction, there is no guarantee that they would agree to this arrangement. There are other ways you can reduce your closing costs on a home sale. Talk with your real estate agent about how you can get the best price for the property to maximize your profits. Additionally, shop around for title companies, lenders and home inspectors with competitive rates so you can save money upfront.
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Melissa Key

Woodland Realty, Inc.


You definitely need a experienced real estate professional to help you here! They have a fiduciary responsibility to advise you on how to get the highest profit out of the sale of your property. Lean on their advise. Closing costs are always negotiable.
Ann Byer

Coldwell Banker Metro


You can negotiate with the buyer to pay the closing costs but that depends on the market. If your home is desired by many buyers then yes if you do not have more than one buyer then it would be harder to negotiate that the buyer pays all costs. They can give concessions for pre-paids, tax prorations and closing costs but they cannot pay your down payment.

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