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Bingen, WA

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Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Carl E. McNew Top real estate agent in Bingen

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Rich McBride Top real estate agent in Bingen

6. Rich McBride

locationBingen, WA

Experience: 8 Years

No Reviews Yet

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Kris Kendall Top real estate agent in Bingen

7. Kris Kendall

locationBingen, WA

Experience: 20 Years

No Reviews Yet

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Madeline Jane Parker Top real estate agent in Bingen

8. Madeline Jane Parker

locationBingen, WA

Experience: 27 Years

No Reviews Yet

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

Juanita Cummings Top real estate agent in Bingen

9. Juanita Cummings

locationBingen, WA

Experience: 7 Years

No Reviews Yet

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

William Irving Top real estate agent in Bingen

10. William Irving

locationBingen, WA

Experience: 19 Years

No Reviews Yet

Most Recent Sales (2019-2022)

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Bingen, WA Real Estate Agents

There are 16 real estate agents in the city of Bingen to choose from. We’ve analyzed and ranked over 10 top real estate agent profiles in our network to help you find the best agents in Bingen for 2023.

Our team evaluates the number of recent sales, confirmed customer reviews, and agent track record to determine the top agents in each location.

Hiring an agent who is experienced and trusted by past clients gives you confidence throughout the home buying or selling process. You can be sure you have the best partner to get you the best price for your home.

Bingen has many real estate agents who claim to be the best and get you the best deal. How do you know who to trust and who will work the hardest for you?

We’ve crunched the numbers and gone through thousands of real estate agent profiles to bring you only the best as you begin your journey. Search, compare, and hire easily from this list of top Bingen real estate agents of 2023.

Real Estate Trends in Bingen, WA

Bingen, WA Housing Statistics and Real Estate Market Trends (Dec 2021)

  • Active Listings

    Change since last month



  • Median Days on Market

    Change since last month

    104 days


  • Median Listing Price

    Change since last month



  • New Listings

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  • % of Listings That Increased Price

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  • Price/Sq Foot

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    2021 - 2022 Bingen Median Listing Price

    The Median Listing Price is the middle price that homeowners listed their properties at in a time period. This means half the homes were listed above this price and half were listed below.

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    Bingen’s Population Data

    • City Area 0.6 Sq. miles
    • City Population 742
    • Household $54,327
    • Renters $1,014
    • Home Occupied53.5%
    Updated: January 2022

    Age of Population

    0 to 19 years 13.4%

    20 to 29 years 17.0%

    30 to 39 years 14.0%

    40 to 49 years 14.9%

    50 to 59 years 9.0%

    60 - 69 years 9.4%

    70 to 79 years 7.8%

    80 + years 4.3%

    Map Area

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    Benefits of Working with a Top Real Estate Agent in Bingen

    4 Top Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent in Bingen

    Hiring a top real estate agent for selling or buying a home in Bingen will save you time and money. Here are four reasons you should consider hiring a real estate agent:

    • It’s their job and they have the time and resources you likely don’t have to do it well.
    • They know the market. The best real estate agents live and work in the same area for years, they know it well and can help address your questions and concerns.
    • They are good at negotiating. They work as the middleperson between you and the other party so you can stay behind the scenes.
    • They do the hard work for you. They market your home, make phone calls between interested parties, handle documents, and negotiate the best deal for you.

    Comparing the Top Bingen Real Estate Agents

    When browsing through the top Bingen real estate agents, you’ll need to know what makes a great real estate agent before making a decision. Here we’ve listed out the qualities that make a great agent to help you narrow it down!



    A top real estate agent takes themselves seriously, and handles every situation with professionalism. A professional real estate agent has a marketable brand, and plenty of online presence.



    A top real estate agent is your go-to for any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to the purchase or sale of your home. They are easy to reach, whether it be via text or phone call.

    Listens to you

    Listens to you

    A real estate agent is always personable with their clients. They take the time to understand their goals, assuage any concerns, and get to know them better.



    A professional real estate agent doesn’t live in the dark ages. They’re constantly up to date on the ever changing real estate market.

    Home Buyers and Home Sellers need not worry about finding an agent in Bingen, WA. At FastExpert, we take the time to separate the professionals from the agents you should avoid.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a top real estate agent?

    The designation of top real estate agent is only given to those agents who fall into the top 5% of home sales producers in their region. This means that our agents know the market they work in and are skilled at closing transactions. We ensure that the agents we send or recommend to you are the best. See the top agents by state here.

    Why does choosing the right real estate agent in Bingen matter?

    Looking for the right real estate agent? Whether you are selling or buying, you want an agent that really knows Bingen and what it takes to close a deal. We ensure that all of our top real estate agents are experts in their area and have the track record to prove it. You have priorities and an agent should understand them and work hard to meet your goals; that is the best way to ensure you have the best experience and come out happy with the process and result.

    How do I know FastExpert has the best real estate agents near me?

    Our agent directory is opt-in, this means that real estate agents choose to join. Once an agent signs up, we check transaction history and reviews to determine if they qualify as a top real estate agent. At the same time our team is constantly working on recruiting agents in areas where we don't have a top performer. We've already done the research so you can be confident our recommended agents are the best in Bingen.

    When should I start looking for a real estate agent?

    Right now the market is hot in Bingen, so we recommend messaging an agent now, if you are ready. In more typical times, Bingen tends to see the market pick up in the spring, so home listed in early March tends to get attention and go faster then those listed later in the year.

    Keep in mind that you may wish to make updates or changes to your home before listing which can take some time. It's always good to get an agent's perspective on this as putting money in does not always equal getting more money for the home. Talking to a real estate agent a few months before you hope to list can be enormously helpful.

    How can I use FastExpert to find the top real estate agent in Bingen?

    There are two ways to use FastExpert to find the right real estate agent for you. You can let our team of experts find you the best match by answering a few questions about what you are looking for. They will send you a list of the agents that best fit your needs and you decide from there. Or you can browse our entire agent directory, read reviews, see transactions history and message an agent directly. It's up to you!

    The Bottom Line

    Selling or buying a property in Bingen is a big decision that takes time. At FastExpert we are dedicated to making it quicker and easier. We provide clear and free listings for top real estate agents in Bingen available every day.

    Our agent profiles include all the information you need to make the right decision. Users can read client reviews, see past sales, and message and hire real estate agents right from our site.

    We’re here for you.

    If you have questions or need more information, please send us a message at [email protected]. You can also call us at (800) 319-0511.