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What should I know about buying a mobile home?

Are there different rules for buying a mobile home? Will it maintain its value? What should I know about buying a mobile home?
Asked By Veronica . | Sunnyvale, CA | 56 views | Buying | 1 month ago
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Bob Fall

Century 21 Lee-Mac Realty

You should know that every state and municipality handles mobile homes differently. Some lenders will lend on them some will not. In some states, they are titled like a vehicle and that means you may be required to pay additional sales tax on the purchase of the mobile home. Some states require a brokerage to carry a special license to buy and sell them. Because of all these variables, I would encourage you to reach out to a local professional that can speak to your specific situation. Hope that helps.
Joe Castillo

Keller Williams Danville


Great question. When looking at active listings for Mobile Homes - take note of the park type. Typically 2 types 1.) Senior Park (55+) #2 Family Park. Factor in the space rent. (land your mobile homes sits on has a space rent fee. Note: depending on city and county rates will vary quite a bit. Most mobile home parks require that you can provide proof of income usually 3X the space rent. Note: if you are borrowing money to purchase a mobile that # will be factored in as well. I have sold a number of mobiles in the SF Bay Area representing buyers and sellers. Your question about will a mobile maintain its value -depends on the age - newer mobiles will hold their value better - older mobiles not so much,
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Karey Grimsley

Intero Real Estate Services


Check the rules and requirements if the mobile home is in a park. Some parks are 55 + communities. You will also want to know the space rent and how much it can increase yearly. If you need financing, you will also want to check on the requirements with a knowledgeable lender specializing in mobile home financing, older models may be difficult to finance. The age of the mobile home will typically determine its value and appreciation.

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