Where do I find the value of a mobile home?

Pam Taranto

14x74 mobile home 2 bath 2 bedroom structure hood but need slot of cosmetic/updates on large wood lot in park has a nice lumber shed with it
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Answers (1)
Shane Keyes

McKee Realty


Mobile home sales can vary from state to state but there is a used mobile home price book similar to cars. Usually, a lender will have to submit the info to get them a price. With that being said, a good local Realtor should be able to do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for you. This will give you comps on recent sales in your area of similar-type properties. A good Agent will have no issues in presenting you a CMA at no cost to you in return for being allowed to list your property. The Realtor can recommend what updates you should consider doing or advise you if they may be able to sell it as is.
1 month ago