How much would yr mortgage be on 250,000 house?

Jill S.

Hecla, SD

8 months ago | 339 views | Mortgage
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Joy Daniels

Joy Daniels Real Estate Group


Hi Jill, that is a loaded question, Depends on the taxes in your area, what type of mortgage program you qualify for. To give you an answer $250,000 with a 3.5% interest 30 yrs term Principle and Interest payment would be $1,122.61 Now you need to know what your monthly homeowners insurance will cost and taxes divide total for the year by 12 and add to the $1,122.61. Finding a really good Seasoned real estate team, agent is the first step they know what lender to team you up with and by law the lender has to provide a cost sheet so you will know what the payment is and you closing cost and down payment. Fast expert can provide you the names of agents that do alot of business in your area.
8 months ago
Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


That depends on a few questions like taxes, interest rate, and insurance. I would look for a realtor in your area to help you and direct you to a loan officer who can pre-approve you so you know what your monthly payments would be.
7 months ago
\"Realtor Rob\" Rob Cerveny

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services


you ALOS need to factor in insurance and taxes to get a good idea of your monthly mortgage. Reach out to a LOCAL LENDER for additional help. But what I told you is a fantastic start!
7 months ago
Lindsey Stansbury

EXIT Real Estate Property Solutions


Hi Jill, great question. This sounds simple but is best answered by a mortgage lender. They will ask you how much money you have set aside for a down payment, they will run your credit to help determine the interest rate. They will look at your income, debts and other things. They will help you determine the loan type that is best for you and ask you questions like are you a Veteran, a first time home buyer, things like that. Depending on the address of the property you purchase they will be able to give you a good estimate taking taxes, if there is a CDD or not, and home owners insurance into account. Would you like me to connect you with a reputable mortgage lender?
7 months ago