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Can I sell a vacant house after a fire.?

Asked By Joe Y. | Taunton, MA | 35 views | Buying | 2 weeks ago
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Josephine & Raj Sharma

Legacy Homes Realty


Yes, you can sell a vacant house after a fire. However, the sale of a house that has been damaged by fire can be more challenging than selling a house in good condition. When selling a house after a fire, it is important to be transparent about the damage caused by the fire. This means disclosing the extent of the damage to potential buyers and being prepared to negotiate a lower price to account for the necessary repairs. It may be helpful to work with a real estate agent who has experience selling homes that have been damaged by fire. They can help you navigate the process, determine an appropriate asking price, and attract buyers who are interested in purchasing a fixer-upper.
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Evelyn M Epperson

Virtual Properties


Yes, sell it as is and for cash!

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