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First time buyer or rent to own?

I am homeless due to rental assistance expiring I need a home now

Asked By Gina T. | Lindale, TX | 303 views | Renting And Investing | 1 year ago
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James Leonard

My Home Group Real Estate


Hi Gina, Sorry to hear about your dilemma. There is hope. Even today in this fast moving market there is an opportunity for you to own a home for less than what you would be paying in rent. My first suggestion would be to contact one of your local lenders. Have a good conversation and let them access your credit. Have a straight up conversation regarding your debts and liabilities, (they will find out anyway). If you qualify, you can find a great agent or have your lender recommend one. If you don't qualify for a loan you will be looking for a rent to own or a rental. Here in Arizona, we have down payment assistance programs and a couple of lenders that will buy a house and rent it back to you with the agreement to sell it to you in two or three years. Talk to a reputable lender first.
1 year ago
Pamela Krause


Gina Hi did you find a loan agent in East Tx area? If not here is one to first check your credit: Ryan Surratt with The Texas Loan Company 903 480-8888 or If you have a prequalification give me a call Pam Krause, Hawkins, TX 903 405-7398
1 year ago