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Can I sign closing papers electronically?

We are closing on our house while we are on vacation 1,000 miles away. Can I do it all electronically? What happens if we can be there?
Asked By Joaquin G. | Harrell, AR | 48 views | Buying | 3 weeks ago
Answers (2)
Karen Mai

Keller Williams


Title company need wet signatures. You can still close while on vacation. Title company can send you a mobile notary to sign with you. If you out of the country, you will need to go US Embassy to sign in front of a notary. Plan ahead, tell your agent and title company. Congrats!
1 Answer
Colleen Lawler

Coldwell Banker Realty - Gundaker


Hi and congratulations on your new home! Sometimes your lender drives the answer to this question, so be sure to check with them. Some lenders will allow you to "presign" before you leave town, which might save the cost of using a mobile notary. A remote online notary is a great option, but you have to be online, in front of a camera, with the mobile notary. Another slightly "old school" option is to have all docs that can be signed electronically sent to you, and have the docs that must be notarized emailed to you...then you print them, sign in the presence of a notary, and overnight those back. Talk to your agent, your lender and your title company and they will help you find the best, easiest way to close remotely! ps...another option would be to move closing forward or back to when you are in town if the seller is willing to accomodate that.

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