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Can I get a new job while house hunting?

Can I get a new job while house hunting? Some of the tips I read were don't open a credit card or switch jobs... but I have a great opportunity with a new company. That said, I'm anxious to buy a house and don't want to lose out. If I take this job, is there a time frame that I'd have to wait to purchase a home?
Asked By Foster | San Antonio, TX | 112 views | Buying | 2 months ago
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There are times that you can change jobs while looking to buy a house -- as the other have said. Talk to a lender and find out what the guidelines are for you particular situation. Some lenders have financing programs in house that bypass federally loan guidelines. Make that call!
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Joanne Patience

Iron Valley Real Estate North Florida


Most importantly, Carlos, is to speak with your Mortgage Loan Officer about job requirements in order to secure an approval to purchase a home. Each situation is different, and they will be your best guide. Suggest, though, that you do not switch jobs during the house hunting and wait until you have closed on your new home. There are times, when a job switch may be allowed if it is in the same field of work. Again, speak with your Mortgage Loan Officer.
Christina Siwek

Windermere Sun Capital Partners, LLC


I would speak to your lender. Sometimes you are able if it’s in the same line of work. But either way, speak to a lender in detail. They will help guide you.
Varonica Alexander

Home Pros Real Estate El Paso


Don’t quit your current job until you secure your new home. Once that has been established then switch jobs. If you quit before securing your new home, many lenders will require you to work there for 2 to 3 years in order to give you credit to buy a home. Sometimes if it is the same line of industry it can help but lenders want to know that you have a stable income.
Michael Bell

The Addison Group


This is a great question to ask a reputable mortgage lender. Best advice I can give you is that you want to be in the steadiest position possible right before and especially during contract. Any sudden noticeable changes in occupation, marital status, large purchases, deposits and withdrawls, could trigger an underwriting audit.

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