Appraisal needed?

I am needing a good idea on what my home is worth. I may need to sell and move out of state to assist an aging parent with health issues. I need to be prepared so I can make informed decisions if the need arises here shortly.
Asked By Christine N. | Clearwater, FL | 152 views | Tips Advice | 4 months ago
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Steven Hunt

eXp Realty


You can google appraisers near me and pay for it or you can have a real estate agent get the Market Analysis done for you for free if you are planning to sell. A realtorn will help you guide you through the entire process and give you tips on what you can do to maximize the value. If you need help reach out anytime. 518-526-4964 or email: [email protected]
3 months ago
Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


Call a Real Estate company near your place that you want to sell. They can give you a good idea as to what your home is worth.
3 months ago
Margend Palacios

Sellstate Partners Realty


One of the things that I offer all my clients, is a free appraisal of the home. Aside from doing a very accurate market value analysis myself, I also add the free appraisal so that the homeowner can not only verify the accuracy of my value, but it will also come in handy to counter any low ball offers or a bad appraisal from a financing institution not to mention that when the listing goes up with " recently appraised", it will sell faster and attract better prospects (my experience). To add a layer of security, your realtor should continually check market activity to adjust value accordingly. Ask one of your local realtors for an a cma and appraisal option. Margend 305-281-1115.
3 months ago
Ryan J Rogers



depends on a lot...
3 months ago