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What questions to ask when buying a new construction home?

There's homes in our area that are being built. The thought of a new house is attractive. But are there important questions that we should ask before buying a new construction home? Or should be approach the purchase differently?
Asked By Orlando . | Memphis, TN | 57 views | Buying | 1 month ago
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Jim Crawford

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


How long have you been in business? What do you do that’s unique? How much customization can buyers do? Can you show me a home under construction so I can see what type of quality is standard in your homes? How long does it usually take for you to build a new home? Do you pay closing costs? What type of warranty do you provide?
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


I would suggest exactly what Jim recommended for questions. 2 additional questions to consider: 1) Do you have a preferred lender and what benefit is there to go with? 2) What is the process to getting something fixed after closing and moving in that is under warranty? Sometimes getting things fixed can be trouble, maybe even ask others in the community to see what there experience has been.

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