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Should I use a big bank or local home loan officer?

If they offer the same rate, is there a benefit to one or the other? I talked to a big bank and a local lady, and they both seem good.
Asked By Kip . | Bangor, ME | 52 views | Home Loans | 3 weeks ago
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Joel Canepa

Canzell Realty Inc.


I find that the local banker or local mortgage broker can provide the best personalized service to your clients. They know the local market and your client has someone local that they can meet with face to face and resolve any last minute needs easier than dealing with a large corporate bank or online lender.
Jonathan Enriquez

Listing Pro Realty Services


I recommend a local home loan officer for better customer service experience, local market knowledge and ability for the loan officer to call listing agents on your behalf to help boost your chances of getting your offer accepted! Hope this helps!
Rylie Schroeder

Coldwell Banker


Hi Kip! I have to agree with my fellow agents here, as my clients always have the best experience with someone local. Not to mention big banks sometimes have longer close times and delayed appraisal timelines due to the sheer volume and scope of business. Good luck!
Rising Star
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Adrian Tridel

Adrian Edwards


work with a local home loan officer or a big bank. While big banks certainly have their advantages, there are several reasons why working with a local home loan officer can be a better option in some cases. Firstly, local home loan officers are typically more familiar with the local real estate market and can provide tailored advice to help borrowers navigate the process more efficiently. They have a deeper understanding of the local market conditions, pricing trends, and regulations, which can be invaluable in securing a favorable mortgage rate and terms. Secondly, local home loan officers can offer more personalized service and build stronger relationships with their clients. They are often more accessible and willing to work with borrowers to find the right loan product for their unique financial situation. Finally, local home loan officers may be able to offer more competitive rates and fees than big banks. Because they have lower overhead costs and may have more flexibility to offer customized loan products, they can often provide better rates and terms. Overall, while big banks can offer convenience and a wider range of services, working with a local home loan officer can provide a more personalized, efficient, and cost-effective experience for borrowers.
Shoshana Hill

Luxe Properties


Working with a local lender is more beneficial in many ways, one being able to have access to the lender at any given moment. Due to the volume that big bank loan officers tend to have, everything takes longer from the appraisal, to the closing time, even getting a response from an email. Real estate is time is of the essence so keep this in mind when choosing a loan officer.

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