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Do I need an agent for a land contract?

Looking into land contracts and don't know how to handle them. Can an agent help or do I need a lawyer?

Asked By Collins Y. | Tylertown, MS | 59 views | Home Buying | 2 weeks ago
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Pamela Dostilio

Coldwell Banker Realty


That is a very good question. Every state is different regarding real estate transactions. In my state, Connecticut, we use lawyers for closings. I would suggest finding out if your state does closings with attorneys or title companies. If the land is listed with a realtor, the seller has agreed to pay a commission at closing you can have a real estate agent represent you in the transaction. Your realtor can advise you regarding how to purchase with a marketable title and title search (possibly title state) to clearly show if any encumbrances, wet lands, restrictions, etc... Having an attorney look over the contract of sale is always a good idea even if you are in a title state.
1 week ago