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Is it worth digging out a partial basement?

We have more of a crawl space than a basement and it would be very expensive to dig it out but I feel like everyone wants basements these days. Will I get the money back on resale?
Asked By Amy L. | Wabash, IN | 46 views | Remodeling | 1 month ago
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Adrian Tridel

Adrian Edwards


Digging out a partial basement can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners who are looking to add extra space to their homes. A partial basement is a space that is partially underground, typically beneath one section of the house, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, a guest room, a playroom, or even a home theater. One of the main benefits of a partial basement is that it can increase the overall living space of a home without adding to its footprint. This can be particularly beneficial for homes in densely populated urban areas where space is limited. In addition, a partial basement can also add value to a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future. Another benefit of a partial basement is that it can provide additional insulation and help regulate the temperature of a home, which can lead to energy savings and a reduction in heating and cooling costs. However, digging out a partial basement is not without its challenges. It requires significant excavation work, which can be time-consuming and expensive, and may require permits and inspections from local authorities. In addition, homeowners should also consider the potential risks associated with excavating near the foundation of their home, such as the risk of damage to the structure or the potential for water intrusion. Overall, while there are potential challenges to digging out a partial basement, it can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to add extra space and value to their homes. It is important to carefully consider the costs and potential risks involved, and work with experienced professionals to ensure the project is completed safely and effectively.

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