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How quick can I close?

Could i make it a 7 day closing period? Would that be enough time to get everything done?
Asked By Jonny F. | Baskin, LA | 60 views | Selling | 1 month ago
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John Gantkowksi

Pagoda Realty

It would have to be a cash deal with a quick title company involved. As long as title is the only thing needed you should be fine. However, if the township or city requires any sort of U&O inspections or even a final water read, your time line would run past the 7 days. It goes without saying that if the buyer is using a loan, then I do not see how they would close that transaction in 7 days.
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Scott Carlson

BRIX Real Estate


Hi Johnny, In MN , Yes you could make a 7 day closing work as long as your paying cash, have a title company that can do whats needed on their end. (Title search, commitment, scheduling, etc.) Good luck.
Jennifer Martin, Affinity Real Properties Group

Keller Williams North Atlanta


Yes, you can close in 7 days as long as the buyer is able to and your title is clear.
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Shelley Propernick

John L Scott Real Estate


Yes it is possible to close this early depending on your situation and escrow company and if all parties agree.
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Adrian Tridel

Adrian Edwards


The time it takes to close on a house varies depending on several factors. In general, the process of closing a house can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. However, it is possible to close a house in as little as two weeks or even less, depending on the circumstances. The speed of closing a house largely depends on the readiness of the buyer, seller, and lender. If all parties are prepared, organized, and responsive, the closing process can be completed quickly. For example, if the buyer has already secured financing, the seller has already made necessary repairs, and the necessary paperwork is in order, the closing process can be expedited. However, if there are any issues with financing, title searches, or inspections, the closing process can be delayed. Delays can also occur if one party is not ready or if there are unexpected problems that arise during the process. To ensure a fast closing, it is essential to work with experienced professionals who can help identify potential issues early and work to resolve them quickly. This includes hiring a competent real estate agent, a skilled attorney, and a reputable lender. Ultimately, the speed of closing a house is dependent on several factors, but with the right preparation, communication, and professionals involved, a fast and efficient closing can be achieved.
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11 Answers
Michael Hudson

eXp Realty

Depends on your local jurisdiction (county offices) and attorneys. It takes time to do title searches and to get all the paperwork in order.

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