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How do you get a home loan for 3 single people?

2 sisters and a brother would like to purchase either a condo or house to live. The 3 of us are professional people, how do we go about getting the loan to purchase?
Asked By Bill N. | Dover, NH | 329 views | Finance Legal Info | 1 year ago
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Matt Davies

Coldwell Banker


First step should always be to talk to a local mortgage lender or banker in your area. Through a short series of questions they should be able to determine the best way for you to go about purchasing a home together. At that point you will know how much you qualify for and your local realtor can start showing you appropriate properties. Good luck on your search.
Stephen Oates

Keller Williams Coastal And Lakes & Mountains Realty


100% talk with a lender or mortgage broker. I always suggest working with someone local. My rule of thumb is, if there is an issue, I want to be able an go to their office for an explanation. :)
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Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


Find a lender and let that person know the three of you would like to be on title. This is actually pretty common. Have a fantastic day!
Rising Star
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Lindsey Stansbury

EXIT Real Estate Property Solutions


Hi Bill, this is a more common scenario than you may think. Would you like assistance connecting with a reputable lender and a Realtor in your area? I can assist you with that and can be reached at: [email protected]

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