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should a renter pay for repairs in commercial space?

I own a medical practice for which I rent space. The landlord happens to be the Dr. I bought the practice from. It's a basement level space with water damage. Most recently a pipe burst requiring plumbing repairs. Landlord says I bought the practice, so I should repair it despite the purchase agreement not listing plumbing, electrical and flooring specifically. My casualty insurance is only paying for damages, not repairs by the way.

Asked By Allison S. | Crofton, MD | 200 views | Renting And Investing | 6 months ago
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Jason Geroux

4:10 Real Estate

You should not be required to pay for repairs in a rental space. I would take the lease agreement and explain your situation to a real estate attorney in your State and explore your options.
6 months ago
Patrick Muller

Oneonta Realty


The purchase agreement of the practice would not likely cover your long term responsibilities of your tenancy - that would be covered by the lease. It is common to have a triple net lease for commercial spaces, meaning you cover costs typically responsible to the Landlord. If it is not in writing, then it would difficult for the Landlord to require you to cover these costs.
6 months ago