Do I need a real estate agent to buy land?

Terry Kennedy

Saginaw, MI

We run a trucking school wee need a place to drive trucks more than we need a building. We would probably lease but I find nothing that fits our need or if I do find something nobody contacts me back
6 months ago | 161 views | Buying a home
Answers (5)
Steven Hunt

eXp Realty


A real estate agent can help you get a lot of valuable info when it comes to buying land. You can purchase it yourself however. Feel free to give me a call and I can send some contacts over to you. 518-526-4964
4 months ago
Marty & Abby Champagne

RE/MAX Market Place


It is always best to use a Realtor to buy land or any properties. A Realtor knows the legal terms and would represent your best interest.
4 months ago
Steve Hart

EXp realty


Give me a call to discuss your options. Steve hart 586-612-0472
3 months ago