The 4 Best Traits in a Realtor [What to Look For]

If you’re a first time home seller or buyer, you’re probably totally in the dark about what to look for in an agent. Finding the perfect match is a challenge for everyone, but we’re here to help..

There are a few key traits you need to identify when picking your agent.  Use this list to help separate your best and worst options for agents.

1. Lots of Knowledge

Real estate is real complicated. 

There’s a lot that a good real estate agent needs to know. From learning about districts and areas, to new technologies,to market trends, and so much more.

When you’re evaluating an agent, see how much they know about these topics:

Local Information

Local familiarity is key to getting the best deals. 

When agents have their finger on the pulse of a township or county, it will help them make a strong selling or buying strategy. 

They should understand the neighborhood, calculate the right home value in comparison to other homes in the area, and have resources to help you sell like a professional stager.

If the real estate agent is new in the city and has never sold a house in that area, your agent will be as in-the-dark as you are. That is definitely not what you’re looking for. .

Think of it as a buyer for a second. When you are looking to buy a house in a new area, you want to know everything about the new location. 

You’ll want to know about the school systems, crime rate, local restaurants and search for other activities. 

If your agent isn’t well versed in the area, you’ll have to do this research yourself as a buyer. If you’re selling with a realtor and they don’t understand the area – how will they be able to find and pitch to your most incentivised buyers? 

So, make sure your agent really knows about the area around where you’re buying or selling real estate. It will save you trouble and money in the long run. 

Qualities of a successful real estate agent

New Technology & Market Trends

Agents need to stay updated with all the market trends and the new technology entering the industry.

When a realtor  keeps up with technology in the real estate field they deliver  services way more effectively. 

For example, the rise of zoom in popularity has allowed more people to see houses without being in the property. This opened doors to home showings for buyers from a distance, it even kept the seller’s market alive through a pandemic. If you want your real estate agent to walk around the home with you through zoom, they can use their phone to show you the property. This should be easy for them to handle. 

Regarding changing market trends, you can’t afford someone who is behind on nes in their own profession.

Imagine selling your home with an agent who thought you were still in a buyer’s market when the market actually favors sellers. It’s just a guarantee you’ll lose money. 

If your agent seems behind on the news in the real estate market, that’s a  huge red flag and you should get yourself a new real estate agent.

2. Being a Great Communicator

Good real estate agents are great people’s-people.

Your agent should have strong communication skills. This will impact your buying and selling experience, as well as how much money you can make or save in real estate transactions. 

If the agents lack communication skills, it can cause big problems. You’ll want your agent to have consistent, open, and pleasant communication between you and them. 

Your agents should be honest and hardworking too. Let’s get into those in a bit more detail.

  • Honesty

It is a trait everyone should have, and real estate is no different. 

When people have an honest approach, it makes it much easier to hear and understand. It is the agent’s duty to give a clear picture of the deal related to price, market trends, advising and more aspects.

  • Hardworking

Being a real estate agent is not an easy job. They have to be actively engaged at all times to make a good deal function.

We are not saying that a realtor should appear to be tireless at all times, they put in a lot of effort that goes unseen. Real estate agents should take their career seriously. They should easily be able to reaffirm for you that they’re doing everything they can to make things work smoothly. 

If your agent seems like they are cutting corners or just not invested in your needs – maybe they aren’t a match for you. 

3. Negotiation Skills

This is a big one – this skill is the one that will either make or break your opportunity at a great deal. 

Your agent needs to be able to see opportunities to leverage onto your side and get you the best deals. For sellers, it could be your agent selling your home above market price or selling the property and giving you less costs to worry about. 

For a buyer, they may negotiate for the sellers to fix issues brought up from inspections.

Either way, being able to negotiate is a large part of being a realtor and is a trait that every good real estate agent should have.

This skill can be hard to spot at a glance, so when you interview your agent, ask them about their negotiation tactics. Analyse how they negotiate with you personally and see if you feel inclined to cooperate with them or oppose them. 

The best negotiators are collaborators, so seek an agent who wants to work with you to find a great agreement. 

Successful Real Estate Agent

4. Being Engaging

Successful real estate agents are going to be active listeners and motivated to get the job done.

They only get paid when the deal closes and the processes are completed, so if that’s not enough motivation to take care of business, we don’t know what is. 

Besides their motivation, they should be engaged and engaging. 

If a potential buyer brings up a question, the agent should be the first to answer and be on their feet.

It’s also their job to be the talker for you. They need to be able to get what you want and use their personality to draw in more active buyers.

How do I find a good realtor? 

You have a lot of options for how to find a great agent in your desired area, but FastExpert’s purpose is to make it easy for you. 

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Buyers and sellers look for a few main traits to have in their agents. 

The best way to see if an agent works best for you is by interviewing them. Realtors can bring a lot of value to you and should have the traits we’ve gone over. 

Just to go over everything, These are the traits you should look for in an agent:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Negotiation Skills
  4. Being Engaged

These are qualities that you should want in the people around you and especially people that you should trust.

Take the next step and find an agent that meets these qualities and traits.



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  1. It made sense when you said that good real estate agents should be honest. My brother wants to hire a commercial real estate agent soon. I’ll show him your article so he knows what qualities to look for in potential agents!

  2. You make an excellent point when you mention how good real estate agents are skilled negotiators. My wife and I would like to purchase a house with the money that I inherited from my late aunt, but we have a limited budget since we do not have a steady source of income. Maybe hiring a real estate agent can help us convince sellers to sell their homes to us for an affordable price.

  3. I found it helpful that you explained how your real estate agent should be good at communicating to ensure that everyone is happy with a deal. My wife and I are looking for a home with multiple bathrooms since we plan on having children next year, and we need to find an agent that will help us find a house that is safe for children to grow up in. Maybe we should start looking for an agent with excellent communication skills.

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