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What questions should I ask when interviewing a realtor?

Hi, what questions should I ask when interviewing a realtor? Thanks.
Asked By Rick . | Jacksonville, FL | 47 views | Working With An Agent | 3 weeks ago
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Tammi Nicholas

Epic Real Estate

What will you do to cause my home to sell that sets you apart from other agents? Are you comfortable with the price point of my home? What advise do you have for me?
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Great question. What do you do to sell homes? How long should it take to sell my home? How experienced are you in selling homes like mine? How much do you expect that I will end up with once all is said and done? Can you sell my home? How often will I hear from you and get an update on market, feedback on showings, and what changes need to take place to get my home sold?

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