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How can I tell how old my house is?

When we bought we weren't given a lot of information. Now that we want to sell it seems like everyone wants to know. We know it's older. Are there public records or something?
Asked By Benn K. | Butė, MT | 37 views | Remodeling | 1 week ago
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Jeffrey Selby

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty

Traditionally you would look at the tax records. The issue with tax records is they only go back so far. You may also need to research the age via Deeds registered at the county courthouse.
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Michael Hudson

eXp Realty

Your local County should have the appropriate records in relation to your property.
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Chris Yochum

Dickson Realty


Best resources are County recorders office or county assessors office. Or you could pull a preliminary title report with the title company.

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